Have you been looking around for a digital piano recently because your piano teacher asked you to upgrade from a musical keyboard or an entry level keyboard? Though it means that you now need to empty your pocket, may be somewhere around $600 to under $1000 for your new digital piano, one thing to be happy about is the fact that your teacher has seen potential in you and wants you to do better at piano playing.

And if you are looking for a decent digital piano, you need to look for a piano that has authentic piano key touch, which is most important, and in general with a good set of sounds. Also, buying a reputed brand always helps. If you have been practicing on a 61 key keyboard or a 76 key keyboard, then it's time to keep it aside and look for something that sounds and feels like a real piano.

Though digital pianos can get expensive and there are some that are available for 4k to 5K, we will limit ourselves to under $1000. So what are the best digital pianos that are available, say for under $1000?

Though there are many, available from various brands, here are some of the options.

The Yamaha P-155 digital piano is excellent for piano playing, but will exceed your budget by around 100 dollars (available for around $1100). If you are looking for a brilliant set of built-in accompaniments as well in your piano, then the Yamaha DGX-640 will be good (available for around $800). These two are some of the good ones, and comes from Yamaha which is one of the most trusted piano brands.

If you are looking for something cheaper than the ones mentioned, you can have a look at the Yamaha P-95 digital piano (for around $550), but then the keys are not as good as the Yamaha P-155 digital piano.

So, armed with this information, it's time to search for your next digital piano and get on to the path of becoming an accomplished piano player. Happy digital piano shopping!

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