Guide to Buying the Best Digital Pianos for Stage or Home Use

Casio, Yamaha Digital Piano

Digital pianos have evolved so much today that some of them can cost one tenth of what some acoustic pianos would have cost several years back, without compromising much on the responsiveness of the keys and the quality of the sound.

Such is the improvement in digital piano technology. And Yamaha and Casio are one of the leading players here. Yamaha of course has years of experience in manufacturing acoustic pianos so they are in a god position to leverage their experiences.

Casio on the other hand is trying hard (and successfully too) to change its image of being a low-end layer. Their latest range of digital pianos has been widely accepted by music enthusiasts.

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Now, a bit on the technology involved in Digital Pianos.

How is Sound Produced?
A Digital Piano takes much lesser space compared to an acoustic piano because they use piano samples instead of the huge strings that produce the sounds in acoustic pianos. The string-hammer action is replaced by a combination of sound samples, high-quality amplifier and built-in speakers. That is the reason the Casio and Yamaha Digital pianos are compact and lightweight.

Key Action
And what about the key action which is so important, does it feel like than on acoustic pianos? Even in this area companies are striving hard to get that perfect touch with some of the higher end digital pianos using synthetic ivory key-tops to get that authentic key touch. The high end models do manage to match the expressiveness to a large extent. Most brands have different names to describe their key action.

For instance, Roland uses the term "Progressive Hammer-Action" whereas Yamaha uses the term "GH/GH3 (Graded Hammer)" action but they all mean the same thing. The keys are lighter in the lower octaves and heavier in the upper octaves as in acoustic pianos.

Looks & Cost
This is where you have the most flexibility and is dependent mostly on the cost as well. Yamaha and Casio digital pianos are available as portable stage pianos as well as in the traditional classic looks.

The portable Digital Pianos of course cost a lot lesser with prices starting from several hundred dollars with the home upright pianos costing up to a couple of thousand dollars.

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Various Models – Casio Digital Piano
Privia Pianos: Casio portable digital stage pianos.

Celviano Pianos: Casio upright home digital pianos.

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Various Models – Yamaha Digital Piano
P-series Pianos: Portable digital pianos for home practice.

CP-Series Pianos: Hi-end portable stage digital pianos suitable for onstage performances

YDP Pianos: Yamaha upright home digital pianos

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There are several brands and series of pianos out there. If you want to read more on brands to get further information and to feel more confident so that you can take a decision, read more on digital piano reviews here on this site.