Buy the Best Casio & Yamaha Music Keyboard

Here's a guide to buy the best Casio & Yamaha music keyboard in case you are looking out for one in the market.

To put it simply, most music keyboards nowadays are arranger keyboards because they come with numerous built-in accompaniments or styles. These are nothing but musical variations with several backing instruments such as drums, guitars, etc.

It is because of these auto-accompaniments which makes music keyboard, a popular choice of instrument for home entertainment. It is an excellent choice for songwriting as well since you can quickly choose a style based on the music genre that you want to compose for. Further, you can choose an introduction, a verse plus a chorus to give variation to the style. So your accompaniment is taken care, you need to work on the melody and the lyrics in case you are going to write that as well.

Music arranger keyboards are effective, portable and ready to play instruments which are use not just by beginners but liked by songwriters and recording artists as well who love the flexibility and ease of use that these musical keyboards offer.

Here are some of the popular electronic keyboards available in the market.

One thing to remember is that beginners usually look for more features, and they are okay is the sound is not of the best quality, for that price. Experienced musicians however are more keen on the sound quality, touch and other features and have very clear thoughts in their mind as to what exactly they need. The keyboards to consider from Casio and Yamaha are their Casio CTK, Casio WK, Casio Privia, Yamaha PSR, Yamaha DGX / YPG, and the Yamaha Tyros keyboards. These would cost anywhere from around a few hundred dollars to around $1500 (the Tyros is much more expensive though since it is a professional keyboard).

There are also other brands out there, but they offer more of specialist products and doesn't really have the wide range of products that these brands have. Read here for more information on keyboards with lighted keys and some excellent arranger piano keyboard models

For most beginners, this is what you would start learning on, but if you are an experienced player and want to start playing songs without the hassle of selecting and setting up various tracks, an arranger music keyboard is best suited for your needs.