For long, Casio pianos have been thought of as a brand that does not make pianos meant for experts and accomplished piano players. But with the launch of the Privia and the Celviano range of pianos, Casio has managed to change this image to considerable extent. Now Casio has a range of pianos that can rival the products from Roland and Yamaha.

Though there are some who still doubt Casio but the fact is that in the below $1500 price range Casio indeed sells a lot of digital pianos.

Casio Privia range pianos include stage pianos, some of which are perfect to begin learning to play piano. These are compact as well and can easily fit in your apartment or dormitory.

If you are a beginner, check out the Px-130, whereas experienced players can consider the px-330 or the px-830 that comes with more features and a much better keyboard touch.

The other series, that is the Celviano AP pianos, come with the traditional upright piano looks. These are home digital pianos that will definitely add to the elegance of your living room. The duet mode lets multiple piano players play simultaneously, and you also have a couple of slots for attaching headphones. So you and your friend can play without disturbing others around.

Casio has successfully managed to cater to piano players with different skills and experiences, with the introduction of Privia and the Celviano pianos. And I am sure they will enhance this product line as well and come up with even more refined products in the future. So if you are looking for a perfect combination of quality, design and affordability, then check out the Casio pianos today.