Roland Digital pianos, are one of the very few brands that probably has a digital piano for every requirement. You will find entry level piano models, meant for learners as well as some high end models meant for the more experienced players and connoisseurs. You can use a Roland piano either at home, or may be in a studio or as a performer onstage.

Of their wide range of products, here are some of the most selling pianos from Roland.

Roland Stage Piano - These are one of the most revered pianos among musicians. The more popular Pianos Include the Roland RD series and the Roland FP series.

Roland V-Piano - This is one of the many technological features invented by Roland. Here physically modeled, virtual piano components are used to generate the various sounds. The sound engine is capable of delivering real and rich tones and responses on these Roland Digital pianos.

Roland VIMA - On these keyboards, you can playback your favorite CDs, or connect a microphone for Karaoke. You can connect a microphone for karaoke fun or you can playback your favorite CDs on these keyboards. To enhance your audio/visual experience, you can connect these keyboards to a big-screen television, where you can render a variety of images.

Roland HP - Available in gorgeous cabinet design, these are the classical upright pianos. High Quality Sound and an excellent keyboard feel is what you get on these pianos. To get an acoustic feel, continuous damper pedal for richer expressiveness is also provided.

These are some of the popular piano series from Roland. If you want to buy a quality digital piano, then you may want to check out some of these modern Roland digital pianos.