The Yamaha and Casio digital keyboard / piano site is a complete resource on pianos and all types of keyboards instruments.

The aim of this site is to have a knowledgeable discussion on what are the various types of digital keyboards and pianos that are available for beginners and intermediate players.

The focus is around Yamaha and Casio keyboards…the two most popular brands among the learners community. Besides, these two brands offer a large range of keyboard models that gives you the flexibility to choose as per your budget and needs.

Casio Keyboards, Yamaha Keyboards

A Casio Keyboard can create lot of excitement among first time shoppers and music enthusiasts who want to get started with learning to play Keyboards, because of their value-for-money features. Looking at what they offer, I am sure you will instantly grab one of the models. Yamaha Keyboards on the other hand is a well-respected brand and has offers many choices catering to various skill levels - beginners, intermediate level and professionals. Yamaha is known for its amazing sound quality, and it’s quality arranger workstations and synthesizers. Besides, the piano keyboards, we will also provide you all the information on the various piano keyboard accessories that are needed to make your piano playing more enjoyable. Sustain pedals, gig bags, keyboard cases, stands, benches, stools, headphones, keyboard amplifiers, expansion boards, everything will be talked about and reviewed here.

Yamaha and Casio make their own accessories as well, but then there are other players as well which make quality keyboard accessories that work with most Yamaha and Casio keyboards.

We all have budget constraints and just cannot pickup the best product that is available, when we set out to shop for anything. Many times, this is the reason that Casio gets picked over Yamaha, but then with more experience they do come back to the Yamaha eventually. So, pick up a keyboard that suits your requirements and more importantly your pocket. A wide range of products are on offer for beginners, intermediate and seasoned players. Check out your favorite piano keyboard today.

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