It would be great to have a yamaha PSR keyboard with some pro features at a cost that would be hard to refuse. So from a beginner's perspective, what is a good yamaha arranger keyboard to have that has features to keep them going at least a few years. Songwriters on the other hand will appreciate a portable arranger keyboard that is cost effective and which will let them build up on their musical ideas.

Yamaha PSR keyboard series includes arranger keyboards that are meant for both beginners as well as professional keyboard players. In this case, we don't have to look at the extremes but somewhere in the middle of the range of products that the psr keyboards have to offer.

Two arrangers that have features to match the above purposes include the yamaha PSRE423 and the yamaha PSR s550 keyboards. Both are 61 key arranger keyboards.

The yamaha PSR s550 keyboard actually is an arranger workstation and can be a bit expensive for the serious beginner. It is more of an entry level arranger workstation. For songwriting perspective though, it is more suitable since it has all the tools needed for music creation.

The yamaha PSRE423 keyboard on the other hand seems to be more appropriate for the above purposes considering its cost. It is well within the budget of the beginner and it has limited pro-features that can help the songwriter as well.

64 Notes Polyphony, improved Arpeggio function, extended flash memory, Pitch bend wheel are some of the improvements that you can find in the yamaha PSRE423. So if you are looking for a good yamaha PSR keyboard, this one could be that.

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