The Yamaha DGX piano keyboard series has instruments with more than 61 keys, and includes many features and functions of an arranger keyboard. The advanced models in this series come with 88 fully weighted piano action keys that feel more like a piano. These keyboards combine the fun features of an arranger with 88 weighted keys.

Though the Clavinova and the Arius pianos look and feel more like proper pianos, most music enthusiasts will find them quite expensive.

If you are looking for something affordable, you need to consider a Yamaha DGX keyboard. Yamaha DGX 230 is the entry level keyboard and Yamaha DGX 640 is the top model in the DGX series of keyboards.

A Yamaha DGX piano keyboard can be a bit heavy to carry, though most of them are designed to be more portable. It is because some models are weighted and come with a stand, which again is easy to setup.

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The DGX keyboards have the typical arranger keyboard features like various voices and styles. USB to Device terminal, USB to Host terminal, pitch bend are some of the other important functions on these models.

Overall, the DGX keyboards are great if you want to combine the best of a digital piano and an arranger at an affordable cost. These are any day more inspiring to practice upon than any other 61 key arrangers. So if all this sounds interesting, check out the 88 key Yamaha DGX piano keyboard today.