Yamaha digital pianos can be used at home, studio or for performing on stage. You have models that can be used for learning and others that can be used for professional use.

DGX/YPG series, P series, the YDP series and the most recently introduced Yamaha Piaggero series are some its popular models.

So which yamaha digital piano should one choose? It depends entirely on what you intend to do with your keyboard instrument. You get weighted graded hammer keys in most of the pianos in the above mentioned series.

If you are looking for home pianos, the one with traditional looks, then it is the Yamaha YDP / Arius series you should look at. For learning, teaching or for pure enjoyment, you can definitely use yamaha digital pianos.

The DX/YPG series include yamaha 88 key digital piano that has arranger features as well, so anybody looking for a combination of digital keyboard features can opt for these.

The Yamaha P series is apt for Pianists, those who just want a good touch and good piano sounds, are not interested in the Bells and whistles. You can read more reviews of various Yamaha Digital Pianos here.

For more portable options, the recently introduced Yamaha Piaggero series with 76 keys will be fine.

Beginners as well as professionals will find something within their budgets, considering the wide range of Yamaha digital pianos. Easy to use and well spaced out is what you will find of the yamaha brand.

So if you are a beginner or an experienced player, have a look at the Yamaha Digital pianos.