Here are Yamaha synthesizer keyboard reviews of entry to mid-ranged keyboards. Yamaha is probably the only brand that has a good selection of arranger keyboards as well as synthesizer keyboards. An even in synths, the options can range from entry level synths to cutting edge music workstations.

If you are looking for a keyboard that has more of synthesizer features as opposed to an arranger, you can find something from Yamaha. Yamaha motif synth is one of the popular one but yamaha also has some “liter” versions of the motif.

One such value-for-money option is the Yamaha MM6 synth. As with most synths, it is well suited for creating hip hop or dance music, with most sounds taken directly from the Motif and an amazing arpeggiator. yamaha synthesizer keyboards are also popular because of their easy to use interface and easy layout.

Yamaha MO6 synth is another option that you can consider, albeit pricey. Compared to the MM6, this is more expensive, powerful and professional. After the motif, this is another powerful synth with a much larger sound library, analog sounds, enhanced editing features, and more things. The MM6 is a much lighter version compared to the MO6. Other professional features, especially useful for studio use is the Audio Integration that it provides with a music production tool like Cubase.

The aim is not here to tell that one is better than the other. Both offer you good value for money as far as features are concerned. The MM6 is more portable and good for onstage use whereas MO6 has more music creating and editing features. So pick up your Yamaha synthesizer today.

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